PRESS RELEASE – Something Happened When I Prayed

PRESS RELEASE – Something Happened When I Prayed

We are excited to announce the release of our newest title, available February 1st, 2020.


This beautiful little book leads us into the throne room of God and alerts us to all that goes on up there when we pray down here. It dares to tackle the dark side of prayer when God doesn’t seem to listen or care. It can even help us see through the tears that silence our prayers.

We hope its easy-to-read four chapters will challenge your thoughts, touch your heart and make you say, “Wow, I’m so happy I get to pray.” Here they are.

  1. Something Remarkable HappenedHow Powerful Are My Prayers?
  2. Something Awful Happened How Do I Keep Prayer from Destroying My Faith?
  3. Something Dreadful Happened How Do I Pray When My Heart Won’t Let Me? 
  4. Something Wonderful Happened How Can I Believe in a God Who Disappoints Me?

Twelve professionally-filmed videos and a twelve lesson STUDY GUIDE have also been designed to welcome the book’s helpful message into Small Group Discussions or Bible Classes. The STUDY GUIDE contains “Teacher Notes,” “Student Questions”; and,  videos in a downloadable or DVD format are included.

Economically priced at $9.99 (book), $24.99 (Study Guide, hard copy & DVD), $19.99 ( Study Guide, if downloaded from our website), you may order as many as you wish from our website beginning February 1.

May our prayer lives be strengthened and our relationship with God deepened from the attention we give to this encouraging subject, SOMETHING HAPPENED WHEN I PRAYED.