I’m Glad My Mother-in-law is Gone

I’m Glad My Mother-in-law is Gone

No. I don’t mean that the way you think. Keep reading. PLEASE!

Diane and I have been married forty-eight great years. Sadly, this week is the first week of our marriage that I’ve had to live without a mother-in-law. Isn’t that something?!

Four days ago, the precious lady that gave life to my high school sweetheart peacefully transitioned into eternity. Mavis (she hated that name) Eloise Boyd was ninety-eight and half years young.

I was was one of the fortunate. I had an amazing mother-in-law. She loved me like a son and I was proud to call her, “Mom.” We enjoyed a fantastic relationship. I’d throw her a pint of sarcasm and she’d throw a quart of the same right back. She lived with us for about eight years. (Or was it eighty? Just kidding, the devil gets the best of me every now and then) Can you imagine living eight years with your mother-in-law in the same house with you and your wife?! We did and, you know, we never had a cross word.

I’ve never known anyone to be more content, positive and encouraging. Mom never complained. NOT EVER. She couldn’t hear dynamite explode but would laugh at herself when she misunderstood something you’d said. She lived with the pain that comes from chronic back issues, the want of energy that comes with congestive heart failure and the struggle to breath that accompanies COPD. But she was never demanding, difficult or disruptive. She was an absolute delight to be around one hundred percent of the time.

Still, I’m glad she is gone.

I’m glad she doesn’t have to struggle for another breath…but, I’ll miss the precious soul that helped us get through some of the greatest struggles we’ve experienced in life.

I’m glad she doesn’t have to be turned over in bed every two hours…but I’ll miss the example of one that encouraged us all to turn over a new leaf and live better lives for Jesus.

I’m glad she doesn’t have to walk behind a walker and carefully avoid stumbling…but I’ll miss that sweet, selfless attitude that kept us all from stumbling into a bitter pool of self-pity.

I’m glad she doesn’t have to reflect on the innocent life she enjoyed on the farm with her Christian father, mother and five siblings. I’m glad she is able to feel their embrace and revel in their company…but I’d kind of like one more big hug myself.

I’m glad she doesn’t have to live with the lonely memories that came from being a widow forty-plus years. I’m glad that she can once again be with her best friend in life…although I will miss all the benefits that came from her being my friend.

That’s right. She was my mother-in-law, my sister in Jesus and my friend. She was a tremendous blessing to my life but I’m glad she’s gone…to something far, far better than anything any of us have ever experienced.

“Thank you, Mom, for being who you were. Enjoy what you encouraged us all to live for.”