forgiven, forgiving, and free

No sin. No guilt. No fear of hell. No bitterness. No rage. No regrets.

Can I be Forgiven?

Nothing compares to having your past expunged or turn loose of someone else’s. That’s forgiveness. It’s a love that rises above pain and disappointment. It’s a gracious spirit willing to turn loose of the past and treat others as if they never hurt you. Forgiveness is the greatest blessing God has ever offered and the greatest gift we could give ourselves or others.

Forgiven, Forgiving and free

Have you done something that you think God can not forgive? Do you struggle with forgiving yourself? This book was written to help those struggling with forgiveness find peace!

Dan Winkler

About the Author

Dan Winkler — affectionately known as brother Dan — has shared the story of Jesus on university campuses, in churches, convention centers and living rooms all across the U.S. His uncanny ability to unravel a biblical text and invite its meaning into our world makes him a terrific Bible study partner.

You will find his sensitive spirit and gentle wit to be a refreshing contribution to your pursuit of God and your journey with Jesus. He has been sharing the story of our Lord since 1969. He and his wife, Diane, have been blessed with three sons and seven grandchildren.