Are the “Haves” Really the “Have Nots”?

Are the “Haves” Really the “Have Nots”?

Tiger Woods spent a reported $44.5 million to purchase 12 acres and a 9,729 square-foot mansion in southeast Florida. Then, he tore down the mansion and spent the next four and half years creating a $60 million dollar estate. It has: (a) a new sprawling mansion, (b) a four-hole golf course, (c) a 100 foot swimming pool, (d) a diving pool, (e) a bathhouse, (f) a tennis court, (g) a basketball court, (h) a 5,700 square-foot fitness center and (i) a pair of boat docks for his 155 foot yacht named “Privacy.”

Along side that extravagance, we could place the $2 million bathtub Mike Tyson is said to have purchased for his wife, or the $25,000 Paris Hilton is said to have spent to buy two teacup Pomeranians or the $276,000 Nicolas Cage is said to have used to outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a dinosaur skull.

These are what some call “the beautiful people” who are living “the good life.” You know, the rich and famous. They’re the “Haves” in contrast to you and me, the “Have nots.”

Well, I can’t speak for the folks mentioned earlier but usually, the “Haves” are those I would never want to trade places with. What do they really “have”?

  • They “have” disguises to hide then from the paparazzi.
  • They “have” their therapist’s phone number on speed dial.
  • They “have” multiple houses but no home.
  • They “have” wealth but are still in want.

The words of Jesus really do make a lot of sense. Don’t they?!

Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness (literally, a desire to have more -dw), for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions (Luke 12:15).