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by Dan Winkler

Grace | Simply Incredible, Incredibly Simple

Study Guide for "Grace"

by Dan Winkler


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Dan Winkler & Robert Hatfield

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can i be forgiven?

Have you done something that you think God can not forgive? Do you struggle with forgiving yourself?

This book was written to help those struggling with forgiveness find peace!

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Don’t Let Prayer Destroy Your Faith

Don’t Let Prayer Destroy Your Faith

Few things can foster doubt and destroy our faith more than prayer. “You do not have,” the Bible says, “because you do not ask. You ask and did not receive, because you ask wrongly. The fervent prayer of a righteous person has great power. So, when we pray and it doesn’t work, we want to know why.

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Amazing Grace!

This book ushers us into the heart of God where we see his passion for showing us compassion. 

Learn to enjoy the embrace of God’s amazing grace!

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